Cornerstone Ondemand

Cornerstone ($CSOD) is a software company located in Santa Monica, CA

I currently lead Cornerstone's Creative Media Team. I create the vision for our video, photography and interactive digital experiences. Some of my projects include brand creation and implementation, commercials, quarterly releases, studio build out and management, event promotion and recap videos, client stories, social media campaigns (Facebook Live, Instagram, Youtube etc) and billboard and print advertisements. These projects have secured multi-million dollar accounts and been featured in Times Square, Staples Center and billboards across Los Angeles. 

With Cornerstone I’ve been named a marketing MVP, ran the Los Angeles Marathon three times and participated in SPARK, a mentor program for youth.


TAP:Africa is an after school creative arts program, existing in Pallisa and Gulu, Uganda. TAP believes in the power of music, dance and drama to foster and nourish creativity in local youth. Myself and co-founder Chris Ninness, started this after school arts program as a way to empower local youth to live out their creative visions in a safe and friendly environment.  We are currently partnered with CYT, the largest youth theatre organization in America. In the Summer of 2019 TAP & CYT held local performances with over 2,000 locals in attendance. Our dream is to one day, grow and expand this program to support youth across the continent of Africa. This is just the beginning.


In June 2012 my business partner Robbie Trencheny and I, built a platform aggregating multiple social media sources (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to display real time hashtags and location based information. This allowed users to find the most recent emergency information from multiple sources, faster than ever before. Its most successful usage was related to the devastating Waldo Canyon Fire that ripped through Colorado Springs in June-July 2012. Over 30,000 homes were evacuated in less than 24 hours, and Trace provided realtime emergency information to tens of thousands of users.  It received recognition from the New York Times, CNN, Mashable, Discovery Channel, TIME, The Knight Digital Media Center at USC and FEMA director Craig Fugate.

Global Citizen

Global Citizen is an education and advocacy organization that uses social campaigns to focus attention on important issues. In 2011, I served as part of the founding team launching Global Citizen and the Global Citizen Festival into its current form today — a free ticketed event in New York City coinciding with the UN General Assembly every September. The festival has featured notable performances by Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, John Mayer, Rihanna and several others.  Over the last four years over 3 million actions in the fight against extreme poverty have been taken on the Global Citizen Platform.

Missions of Health

In 2008, I took my first trip to Africa and discovered a small medical clinic eager to provide better care to its patients. After seeing their vision and passion, I formed Missions of Health as a nonprofit organization to aid and expand this and other local clinics in the areas of disease prevention, community development & primary care assistance. In just a few years, that small one building clinic became a full functioning hospital, surgical center and nursing school with over 400 resident students.  It currently serves as the highest standard of care in the area. Additionally, a partnership with the National Institute of Health has shown significant progress in reducing the effects of malaria on the community.

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