I currently live in Santa Monica, CA and am most passionate about telling stories and great ideas helping those in need. I love the future and teaching people how technology can solve large problems. I'm a true creative, continually trying to find ways to innovate and build upon the latest trends. Like, running the LA marathon while snapchatting or creating narrative pieces in virtual reality.

I'm uniquely skilled at finding a story, pulling out the interesting angle, and then telling an audience why it matters to them. I continually do this in clever and inspiring ways, across dozens of assets and products.

I currently lead the Creative Media team at Cornerstone, where I pitch, write, produce and direct media assets for our marketing team. Some of our projects include product ads, quarterly releases, event promotion and recap videos, client stories, Facebook Live and billboard and print advertisements. With Cornerstone I’ve also been named a marketing MVP, ran the Los Angeles Marathon twice and participated in SPARK, a mentor program for youth. 

Some of my projects have been featured in CNN, Time, Discovery Channel, Mashable, Huffington Post and Times Square. Projects can be viewed at scottseibold.com


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